Blackest Night #6 Review

I really thought this was the last issue until I noticed 6/8 on the cover. Not to imply I’m sad its continuing, quite the contrary, I love what’s developed in this issue and I want to see it get even bigger and more bad ass.

Geoff Johns delivers, as usual, and this late in the series I am glad I started collecting this months ago. However convenient trades are, I love the space serial we have going on here, and how every few Wednesdays I can see what happens next. To me that makes it an “event” and I enjoy that. It also gives me time to speculate.

Johns showcases his expanded color spectrum corps to their fullest in this issue with a continuation of the unlikely team-up of all seven colors. Larfleeze is probably my favorite, and my least favorite Indigo-1 (we just didn’t have the same amount of time with her like we did with the others), but that’s neither here nor there, the story is still great and reaches new cool levels when Ganthet puts on a green ring and the others deputize kindred spirits across the DCU, including Wonder Woman, Luthor, Scarecrow, Atom, Flash and Mera.

There’s the perfect amount of story being mixed with battles and I don’t feel I’m ever being cheated one for the other, especially with the ancillary books Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corp, and all the Blackest Night tie-ins covering as much expanded story and action as I care to indulge in.

If you haven’t been following Blackest Night, I doubt you’ll be able to find all the back issues at this point, but hang tight for the trade because this is a real keeper. It’s garnered all sorts of commendations from a slew of reviewers (comic and non-comic alike). I think Johns has even been entered into the list of 100 People to Watch or something, which is a pretty big deal I think. He’s single-handedly running the DCU at the moment (aided to a lesser extent by Simone, Morrison and those other folks) and someone managing not only to keep it all together, but do a great job.

Anxiously awaiting these next two months of joyous darkness, and the subsequent Brightest Day!