Smallville “Rabid” Review

Quick thoughts about the episode previously. Metallo was done justice and Brian Austin Green did a good job with the role that would’ve turned real sappy if it were played by anyone else.

Now onto the point of this article, this wasn’t a complete waste of time as I thought prier to airing, it definitely was entertaining. Erica Durance as Zombie Lois gives Clark a run for his money. Where 28 Days Later gave us fast running, Smallville brings inhuman strength for these monsters into the equation. Calling The Blur/Superman “Studly Do Right” was the best quote.

Again Lois gets hit unlike Metallo’s bitch slap into the pipes which technically should’ve left severe injures. Chloe is nothing but a distraction, her death better still happen and not change in the second half.

Rating: 7

Hearing thoughts apart of Kal-El’s training should be fun to watch. Maybe he’ll find out Dumb Blonde’s intentional killing from “Identity”, realizes she can’t be trusted.

The Luthor dummy is a nice touch. Even though hasn’t been around that much these days.