Gotham City Sirens #3

With my constant schedule shifts at work, it makes writing for the site a little difficult.

Harley is missing and it’s up to Edward Nygma to find her while getting into some friction with Poison Ivy and Catwoman. But the issue is about him and Dick Grayson/Batman up against some crazy Riddler wannabes, led by a female called Conundrum wanting to join the club.

What Scott Lobdell does very well is portraying Nygma as a gentlemen of society, even in the face of sudden death or his criminal record. There’s especially a humorous moment where he lies about Bats putting a GPS in his cane, suprising Dick in the Batmobile miles away.

A good read, but as a fan of this villian he should always be reserved, not smiling from ear to ear and letting out a burst of laughter like The Joker.