Schumacher’s Jigsaw in Punisher?

I’ve said to Rob after a TV spot aired, I’m still going to see it regardless on whether it’s good or bad.

Looking at this image of Jigsaw and having seen another spot of Dominic West talking in a generic mobster voice, fears are creeping up behind me that it’s going to be another Ghost Rider disaster or even worse, Batman & Robin. Don’t know what I was thinking seeing that Nick Cage abortion.

Definitely dig the make up, it’s like the billionaire victim in Hannibal came out of a bad acid trip. Well having your face mutilated by a meat grinder can really mess you up psychologically. But…YIKES. What the hell is up with his wardrobe? It’s like West robbed one of Tommy Lee Jones’ outfits from Batman Forever. If it was one of those silk suits from Rush Hour 2 I’d be sold, but this is ridiculous.