Street Fighter II Trailer

While searching the net for stuff to talk about for the site, I came across this on forums. Lobster Charlie of YouTube made this.

Good Editing, the useage of “Counting Bodies” by Perfect Circle. On Bison’s close up, Micheal Ironside is the embodiment of evil, the one and only Darkseid, Lord of Apocolypse.

Most of the actors in this trailer, are either too old or just dead. Liked the footage from The Quest. There lacked displays of power, especially on Blanka’s electricity effect. To translate to live action, it has to appear less cartoonie and bright.

Chun Li can be done, the Kill Bill franchise was the only exception of a well done revenge flick and last night Rob and I were watching Enter the Dragon, it’s all about vengence to which Mortal Kombat totally stole the story from. Where each fighter had an agenda and things to lose. Ruper with his money and Lee killing Oharra, who was nothing after his character setup.

Like Ninja Turtles, if they decided to go dark and live action, should just go Grindhouse on it, full blown blood and violence, which I admit, lacked in the first MK.

But overall, the realities are no matter how great the visuals are, it always boils down to story and characters. In the case of video game movies, there’s just not enough material to go on, adding, subtracting elements, or just staying straight forward just doesn’t cut it with anyone on this dead genre.