Harley Quinn (Nolan Style)

This maybe a podcast/news site, but it’s still a blog. I was web surfing I came a fan art of Harley in the Nolan style Batman films.

Third in my illustrative series. Pure Painter IX this time, Wet Gouache and Sponge, no Photoshop this time round. This is based off another Harley Quinn design of mine, I went with a more loser style of clothing, almost pajama like. This were going along well until I realised I accidentally reversed the colours, but I kept it as is coz it was gonna be too much trouble changing them around. Used an image of Kristen Bell as reference, at least 10 hours work.

The image was created by Joshwmc on Comics2Film. As the design goes, I dig it. The hat’s okay, but if your going use this design in a movie, she shouldn’t wear it for every scene.

It seems unlikely will never see Harley on screen, burning the version from the Birds of Prey TV series out of my mind, but it’s nice what could’ve been. Nice touch with the tackhammer, instead of the cartoon mallet.