Catwoman (Nolan Style)

Another fan art by Joshwmc, next up is Catwoman.

Second in the new series. Same as before, Painter IX with Wet Gouche and a touch of Photoshop. I’ve based this off my other Catwoman designs but have tried to slim it down further, I keep getting complaints that my Catwoman artworks are too bulky, so hopefully this will please more people. Subtle purples and blues, I didn’t want just straight black, although that won’t happen if they do add the character to the current movie series. At least 12 hours (maybe more) using an image or Marion Cotillard as reference.

As I’ve mentioned on the podcast, I would love to see the cat-burglarizing feline in the next movie.

At first I didn’t like that she didn’t have the goggles, but I realize that with, it hides the actresses’ face and camouflages her expressions.

The white face is off, too Batman Returns-ish and the mask too similar to the god awful Hally Berry version. My direction would be to shorten the ears and leave her with flesh color. Other then that I digg the suit. Very hitchhiking or flight gear. Excellent.