Batfleck/Superman: Dawn of Justice Review


To avoid disappointment, my expectation was kept neutral despite hyping myself up having rewatched World’s Finest. It’s good not the abomination “critics” are making it out to panned despite some problems.

Definitely got the sense Henry Cavill (Man from Uncle) as Clark Kent was a competent reporter not bumbling or putting-on-an-act. Glad filmmakers had forward progression in his relationship with Lois Lane (Amy Adams) reaching towards an engagement.

Found Perry White (Laurence Fishburne) a total-tool plus outright jerk towards Clark upon first viewing. Got sympathetic second time around towards middle cause he’s a nice guy unlike J. Jonah Jameson (J.K. Simmons) now Commissioner Gordon.

Jeremy Irons excellent portrayal of Alfred Pennyworth. Classic sarcasm with his employer’s antics with ease. No clarity to which Robin it was, but I’m still saying Jason Todd.

Ben Affleck was okay. Very subdued performance that helped. Wasn’t big-elephant-in-the-room. True to his word, Zack Snyder (Dawn of the Dead) didn’t do what Frank Fuller (Miller) did. Infamous line never came. Bruce Wayne on no occasion had retired.

Jessie Esienberg (Zombieland) got better as Lex Luthor. He may not have been ideal but it’s clearly Mad Scientist incarnation. He evidently conveys Luthor’s utter contempt, disgust, and slight dominance towards his arch enemy well aside from party scene.

Writer, Chris Terrio (Argo) came up with much better dialogue then Goyer’s immature lines (Dicksplash). Powerful moment came when Lois & Clark stop Bruce from delivering death blow with familiar Kryptonite spear (appealing to his humanity) to help save Martha Kent (Diane Lane) relating to his mother (Lauren Cohan):

“Save Martha. Why did you say they that name?! It’s his mother’s name.”

Leading to a humorous exchange after brutal fight:

“It’s okay. I’m a friend of your son. I figured. The cape?”

The Dark Knight directly or indirectly kills thugs (more on that later) holding Ma hostage while hospitalizing Lexcorp employees stealing green-meteorite earlier.

Gal Gadot (Furious) absolutely nailed Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman. Character-wise written with dignity not sexualized nor objectified also her foreign accent wasn’t too thick. She returned Bruce’s drive when Wayne makes thief conclusion. I’m really looking forward to her solo film next year if Patty Jenkins (Monstertreats her with this respectful level. Guess Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) during WWI dies causing her to walk away from mankind.

Heroes featured for future DCCU films were strictly cameos in addition should’ve been. Aquaman (Jason Mamoa)  looked badass taking his trident to an underwater surveillance then shooting off. Ideal casting for Miles Bennett Dyson (Joe Morton) playing Victor Stone/Cyborg’s father, Silas. Didn’t mind them using 52 origin where The Fourth World‘s Motherbox completes Vic’s bio-mechanical parts (torso) which saves his life. Still hope that outing is Teen Titans prequel.

Doomsday looked great. CG vastly improved then third trailer initial shot. Motion capture present throughout. Came-to-terms there wouldn’t be a Death adaptation for a Man of Steel threquel since then. Was on-the-edge-of-my-seat fearing Martha or Lois might kick-the-bucket even though yours trully knew Kent would be back for Justice League fully fledged (hopefully) during funeral montages.

Flash (Ezra Miller) went back-in-time too early (considering Barry is always late) to warn Bruce about events where Darkseid made Apokolips-on-Earth while Lois’ death caused Kal-El turning tyrant alia Injustice.

Hans Zimmer (The Lion King) featuring Junkie XL (The Animatrix) created memorable character-themes “Beautiful Lie” (Batman), “Is She With You?” (Wonder Woman), “The Red Capes Are Coming” (Lex Luthor) which missing art these days. Reusing some Last Son of Krypton cues like “Goodbye My Son” = “Lara‘s Lullaby” (Martha Kent) during tense Luthor confrontation towards climax.

Unfortunately, issue was pacing. Some scenes had to be longer like Clark at Kent Farm along with him placed-at US Capital. He could’ve offered his own defense after Senator Finch’s shadow-boarding slander before building blew up (Granny’s Peach Tea = Piss). Interested what R rated cut has instored. Maybe subplot where Clark investigates Gotham’s vigilante along-with Jena Malcone/Barbara Gordon’s appearance. Would’ve been nice if Lois had witnessed rising dirt then smiles teary eyed.

Anatoly Knyazev (future-KG Beast) played by Callan Mullvey (Captain America: Winter Soldier) should’ve died during car chase when Batmobile (glad it’s car not tank) crashes on-top van’s back.

Ezra Miller (Trainwreck) no way resembled Barry Allen at all. Total left field differentiation from someone like Grant Gustin. Exited for Scarlet Speedster’s effects done with bigger budget (CW recycles).

Nobody recognizes Bruce Wayne (Clark had no clue) during an underground fight while looking for Knyazaev. Affleck didn’t convey Wayne’s playboy aspect by acting drunk when Mercy Graves (Tao Okamoto) catches him snooping around Lex’s servers. Age-factor nevertheless an issue with future installments unless there’s passing-the-torch. Esienberg’s high pitched while speed-talking voice got kinda offputing. Spirit of Truth turned Big Barda size.

Overall, DC’s cinematic universe is off to a good start. Anticipating Suicide Squad six months from now.

Rating: 8