Fantastic Four: Solve Everything TPB

Hollywood once again botched their ironically fourth attempt to kickstart a film-franchise with Marvel’s First Family ridiculously marketed as Fant4stic. However Josh Trank (Chronicle) contributed toward this catastrophe since I’ve usually point-the-finger at Fix (Fox).

I purchased volume one of Secret Wars Writer, Jonathan Hickman’s run drawn by Dale Eaglesham (Green Lantern) in-trade being fully aware before the oncoming trainwreck.

Reed Richards alias Mr. Fantastic is offered membership on a council with versions of himself from alternate realites including some wielding the all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet onto focusing on the-bigger-picture rather then confide facing his own world’s problems. Reed seeks his counterparts’ wisdom while struggling with his character-tendency through getting heldup with lab-work which burdens Susan “Storm” Richards aka Invisible Woman more spent time with their children Franklin (immensely powerful) and an enigmatic daughter named Valeria. World-45 Reed resorts using lobotomization collaring Doctor Doom armies derived from his own DNA justifiying-his-actions as “necessary evil”.

Celestials (godlike race) come which coincidentally watched Marvel Knights’ motion comics about 76′ cosmic group called Eternals on-paper take via Neil Geiman (Sandman) in-addition John Romita Jr. (Amazing Spider-Man) on DVD. They kill-off aforementioned interdimensional assembly members one-by-one like exploding Talosian Reed’s head after probing Universe 4280 Richards’ mind who’s powerless but still smart to build himself high-tech arsenal. 4280-Reed reveals price they’ve paid was personal sacrifice aftermath. Earth-8901 Richards serves-as main mentor motivating Reed indicating degree to being better based-on childhood flashbacks extending-to his father (Nathaniel).

Subplot envolving Johnny “Spencer” Storm/Human Torch along with Ben Grimm/Thing on-vacation at Nu-World (a cloned Earth) while nephews stowaway then go-to-school minute. There’s power-struggle between Lightwave (Earth-807128) hails originally-from surrogate Zenn-La (Silver Surfer’s planet) him plus Ultron. Rocky Grimm calling Flame Brain Worst Travel-Agent ever sums-up their butting relationship. Hulk Jr. (Banner’s son from Earth-807128) fellow prisoner stays behind during break-out settle a score with aforesaid former Galactus herald. Psionics (Lightwave’s daughter), Johnny’s crazy ex during short-fight raves Val plays crucial role to send refugees back to Terra. Spider-Man (Peter Parker) briefly shows up by birthday request. Book ends on cliffhanger with future-Franklin comes to tell his sister alone about an apocalyptic war only Victor Von Doom can prevent.

Only issue is Richards saying “cool” which is more up Johnny’s alley cause Reed wouldn’t use phrases like that. Being an excentric he’d reply-with “fascinating” or “interesting” while serving-as one-of-the-top intellectuals within the MU (Marvel Universe). Decent scifi elements team deals with on-regular basis. Hickman captures who these characters are supposed to be cause Fix has no idea.