SDCC: Batfleck v Superman: Justice League Prequel

Comic Con came which means Big Entertainment Newsweek. Thursday was slow but excellent reveals from Sideshow CollectiblesNeca, and Mezco toys. Playstation 3’s Project Morpheus, a VR system looks interesting on Friday. While live tweeting, one of my inspirations, Mike J. Nelson (Mystery Science Theater 3000), Bill Corbett (Crow T. Robot), and Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo) from Rifftrax followed me.

I got to remember to take days-off work Saturdays for important stuff happening. Footage shown there officially posted online is exactly how it should be for people like us who can’t make it. Got to be some form of new management:

Definitely The Man of Tomorrow-centric preview I was hoping for. Found Holly Hunter’s “mystery character” present Truth issue on collateral damage second part to that mantra Justice to be humorous. I’ve got this feeling Holly might be a better “original” then Rachel “Inferiority” Dawes ever was. Supes walking into the U.S. Capital reminiscent of Alex Ross and Paul Dini’s Peace on Earth. Something goes terribly wrong at hearing.

Ma Kent (Diane Lane) encouragement there’s no doubt she plus Pa (Kevin Costner) raised their son well. Diane Lane’s delivery Martha didn’t live in-isolation wallowing in grief for years after Jonathan kick-the-bucket while working at Sears. At least in Snooperman, she (Eva Marie Saint) moved-on with her life.

Holly has a look of fear on her face implies she’s being blackmailed by Alexander Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) to amplify Supes’ bad rap was my first impression given-that I’ve started tend-to-agree with Jeremy Jahns. Luthor refering to Paul Revere rode through Boston to warn British seemly mocking society’s paranoia. Henry Cavill’s look-of-disgust by Metropolis Marvel having to bow before this man representing humanity’s worst potent. It’s got to be a ruse with Lex “prevailing” while someone gets-the-drop on him.

All for Luthor delivering TDKR line similar to Michael Rosenbaum (Urban Legend) in fourth season Smallville seventeenth episode, “Onyx”. We might get a Justice League Unlimited – “Divided We Fall” moment. Figured he’s not going bald until climax then becomes less cockey more sinister prior with his personal grudge against Big Blue.

Confirmation Death in the Family plays a factor involving Jason Todd (second Boy Wonder) murdered via Joker (Jared Leto) being farther explored in Suicide Squad afterwards. Dick Grayson aka Nightwing (the first) could be out there patrolling Blüdhaven streets.

Alfred Pennyworth (Jeremy Irons) working on tech in the Bat-Cave showing he’s a very skilled mechanic. Him desperately trying to get through his employer’s thick-headedness Kal-El isn’t evil. Deadline reported Geoff Johns writing Ben Affleck’s solo after his introduction as Henry Cavill put it besides DCCU setup. THR described it’s based on Earth One after Alfred served-as abusive trainer which Irons can portray having played villians before. Unlikely he’ll be getting by with a cane like Old Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond.

I-for-one kinda understand Perry White’s perspective to waste time for his stringer investagating an urban myth we know Caped Crusader isn’t. Miscast Laurence Fishburne (Apocalypse Now) being hostile towards Clark Kent with-any-luck by no means he’s wimpy.

Maybe Ambassador Diana Prince’s mother, Hippolyta along-with her sister Amazons on Themyscira debate wiether or not to reconnect with mankind (Man’s World = sexism) happened shot in New Mexico since their immortal rumored direction with her future solo film. bog down too many flashbacks (Dork Knight Declines) or prolouges. Gal Gadot (Furious 7) in full-on Amazonian action quite awesome. Wonder Woman unleashing sort-of mystic explosion by crossing her bracelets puzzles bear-in-mind she doesn’t have that type-of power. Most likely takes place during Supercult’s base inflitration seeing fanaticism (on both sides) having clear role. Gadot didn’t get to say anything what keeps me on-the-fence about her acting.

EW‘s exclusive CC issue raised more red flags then already had. Zack’s comments scarely similar to Charlie Roven makes him sounds mouthpiece. Affleck in tuxedo swooning Diana clearly dance scene JL’s seventh episode, “Maid of Honor” two-parter. All for filmmakers referencing DCAU, just not this aspect. Though Susan Eisenberg’s line in Unlimited‘s “This Little Piggy” (episode five), nice crack at Bruce. They know another already don’t conspire to ambush or pointless fighting. Ben including little girl should be covered head-to-toe in ash from debris. Ben comparing Bat to Hamlet was exactly how Kevin Conroy (Arkham Knight) described the character.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen) as Thomas Wayne cool double easter egg unintentional definite portrait on-set. That quick boy swimming underwater shot appear-to-be young Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) discovering something?

Amy Adams’ line about House of El symbol being only hope for people sounds like world military in-addition law enforcement aren’t doing anything to protect citizens that-one there makes them absolutely incompent not across inspirational.

John Corben alias Metallo only justification with using Kryptonite again. Perhaps Scoot McNairy (12 Years a Slave) might subquent green-screen socks.Truthful theory it formed by World Engine’s conversion. Already got forshadowed on Scout Ship. Brainiac having to wait farther down-the-line Man of Steel followups. Wasted opportunity an invasion story by rehashing Zod. Having his corpse hinting at expermentation possibly Bizarro instead rumored Doomsday whereas it’s way too early for ancient Kryptonian monster into fold.

Kudos to Flicks and The City for being there:

The idea of sister-cities has been used before in The Batman’s fifth season first episode two-parter, “Batman/Superman Story” came-to-mind. Hope Zack Synder isn’t imploying Campea Theology by reiteration to fool people it’s true.

Jeremy Irons (Die Hard with a Vengence) shows repect among another fellow actors. Gal Gadot’s assures me the Spirit of Truth will be alive-and-well not “I wanna cut someone”. Henry Cavill reitrrates why he’s right choice.

Hostess, Aisha Tyler (CW’s Whose Line Is It Anyway?) hogging Q&A giving fans only two questions to ask despite rushing Warner Brothers’ Hall H segment to get-to topic rather unproffessional.