Flash: Season 1 – The Rest

Only developments that came from the two-parter episode fifteen, “Out of Time” confirmed “Wells” (Tom Cavanagh) being Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher) with a face-left loosely based on his comic counterpart where he underwent surgery to make himself look more like his idol/enemy after snapping having found out he was destined for Barry Allen’s never-ending torment.

Team Flash continuing to call him by his false pervado after finding real Harrison’s remains to-be most obnoxious. Captain Cold (Wentwood Miller) finding out Barry’s secret identity from “Rogue Time” (episode sixteen) opens up interesting possibilies with future encounters.

Enjoyed “Tricksters” (episode seventeen) from start to finsh despite Devon Graye’s mild-annoyance as second Trickster, Axel Walker shows producers continously steal more Wally adversaries like Girder, Murmur (debuted on Arrow), and Lashsan Baez.

Mark Hamill (original Star Wars trilogy) reprising James Jesse/Trickster during shared a reunion scene of-sorts with his previous co-star, John Wesley Shipp with similar line to that series. Joker’s voice comes through Hamill’s performance in a good way. Vito D’Ambrosio (Untouchables) came back to play Bellows, who’s reelected Mayor here then CCPD officer along with Murphy (Biff Manard) from the nineties series included. Iris (Candice Patton) should’ve figured it out right there since Barry once again used his normal voice then his vibrated speech.

“All Star Team Up” (episode eighteen) did nothing but show Arrow‘s Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) just another Needing Bitch banging every future-hero in CW fashion. In this case, Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer aka The Atom unfornately portrayed an Iron Man knock-off (Felicity as Pepper) since originally it was supposed to Ted Kord/Blue Beetle but couldn’t due to rights-issues while writer, Grainne Godfree (Tomorrow People) hammered Routh’s one-time Snooperman stint.

“The Trap” (episode twenty) revealed mysterious A.I. named Gideon (“Power Outage”) voiced by Morena Baccarin (Firefly) in-fact created by future-Barry which was stolen by Eobard possibly after he became his opposite. Nice Justice League reference but didn’t say due to Embargo. Having everyone under-survilllece proved Thawne wasn’t stupid. Iris finding out sooner rather then later were steps-in-the-right-direction then Erica Durance’s Lois Lane found out about Clark Kent.

“Grodd Lives” (episode twenty-one) did terrific job using CGI with man-in-suit during Grodd’s psychic attacks. Jesse L. Martin displaying absolute terror as anyone would if you’d encounter an growing intellgent simian who can kill you with his mind stellar. Clancy Brown’s Elling alive means possible future-General. Unfornately Iris majority used Drama Queen excruciating antics.

“Rogue Air” (episode twenty-two) Barry act dumb by trusting Snart to transport other super-powered criminals to Ollie’s Gulag while going down the-end-justifes-the-means dingy road. Triple fight between Nuclear Man (not this one) along-with Dork Archer against Reverse Flash only highlight about it. You’d think Eobard would use same arm-tornado technic since he’s a seasoned speedster avoid hitting vehicle. Firestorm has other abilites then just throw fire like Marvel’s Human Torch. Would’ve been ironic to have after indirectly defeating Eobard in Meaningful Echo similar-to Daredevil.

Lastly, “Fast Enough” (episode twenty three). Grant Gustin delivers the most heartfelt performance displaying pain when hearing his mother being stabbed by Eobard to his short screen-time sadness with Michelle Harrison (Nora Allen) ultimately deciding not save her by to-one-side his father’s demand and notably his future-self.

Cisco (Carlos Valdes) really turned out-to-be breakout character since his early comic-relief weeks. However being able to built a time sphere that Rip Hunter to be played by Arthur Darvill (Doctor Who) uses in network’s Aon Man and His Invincible Friends show (not as bad with CBS‘ Supergirl) jumped another shark (Speed Mirage) possibly created another weapon with headset for Grodd could use to amplify his mind control.

“Screw History” mentality (flipped-the-bird) says, “Barry and Iris will not get together at all” similar to what happened recently with latest shipper similar to another infamous one. Malcolm (Eddie) showed he wasn’t Mr. Nice Guy where he went behind Joe’s back after no blessing. TPTB behind pull another Tommy on us have him make supposed hero-sacfrice to wipe his great grandson out-of-existence. His corpse being sucked into Speed Force’s wormhole might absorb energy to become Cobalt Blue. However wouldn’t be disappointed considering portrayed Stock Boyfriend.

Rating: 8

Grant Gustin teased that next season might tackle Multiple Earths. Maybe about Barry’s time in the Speed Force with Jay Garrick as his helmet hit the floor maybe an adaptation of Gardner Fox’s Flash of Two Worlds. Another timeline where Barry being in-jail for some crime. Hopefully Flash Museum happens. Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) needs to come soon cause didn’t care much for her and Ronnie (Robbie Amell) getting hitched. Thought she was an unknowing accomplice constantly disbelieving evidence presented or just blind devotion that will kill her emotionially prior. Amanda Pays (Tina McGee) returns as series-regular as Mr. Allen’s mentor with Eobard Thawne erased from their timeline while real Harrison Wells is still dead with any luck.