First Look at Joker

After months of Jared Leto (Requiem for a Dream) tweeting his metamorphosis, David Ayer (End of Watch) posted this on his Twitter account:

It definitely shouts Serial Killer especially since Mr. J has highest kill-count of any villain in the DC Universe. Leto’s pose reflects The Killing Joke splash page. Seems possible there going back to blenched skin rather then makeup done last time. Silver fillings makes sence considering many hits taken by Batfleck but no yellow teeth like some iterations. His purple left handed glove looks to be doctors or nurse-wear which implies he’s been locked up in Arkham Asylum for a long time before things change. Robert De Niro’s tattoos from Cape Fear  91′ remake came-to-mind. Art on his right hand looks-as-if an open mouth for when he grabs an innocent victim by the jaw enchancing looks-of-terror when meeting sudden death. Anticipating Leto sharing scenes with Margo Robbie (Wolf of Wall Street) as Harley Quinn. Hope that rumor about her appearences during film’s runtime is true.

Sad I’m looking forward to Suicide Squad then Warner Brothers’ Justice League prequel fact-of-the-matter-is protangists are antagonists (or anti-heroes like some sugar-coat). Not sold on Will Smith being Deadshot. Just feel it’s stunt-casting since his wife is on Gotham or Jai Courtney/Captain Boomerang considering he hasn’t starred in anything of merit yet.