Avengers: Age of Ultron Teaser

The Twins are clearly in that protest since they’re still brainwashed by Baron Von Strucker at-this-point. Probably unknowingly taking part in his plan to turn public opinion against Earth’s Mightest Heroes especially Hydra comprised some US government parties. It appears Quicksilver’s hair turns white the more he uses his speed after their horrific experimentation different from Bucky’s brainwashing. Still interested to what Aaron Taylor-Johnson brings to this Pietro. Wanda (Scarlet Witch) and her brother might mistake Great Devil their liberator before realizing his true intentions. Stand by his bulking-look.

Andy Serkis is clearly playing Ulysses Klaw to setup Black Panther starring Chadwick Boseman (42) set for release in November 3rd (two years-from-now) during Marvel Media Day’s recent announcements for Phase Three. Knew this was how Steve Rogers gets his shield put back together again since Wakanda being Vibranium Central. They’ve got to enknowledge material to make SSR’s protection prototype was given to President Roosevelt by King T’Chaka alias Panther before his son, T’Challa picks up the mantle. A WWII flashback to some incident that took place during Steve’s one year monkey-dance by way of USO’s propagada tool gotta be integral to the plot. Puzzled to what’s going-on with Thor rising out-of-the-water. I’ll go see Ragnarok: The End of Norse “Gods” (July 28th, ’17) for Surtur despite the sequel being meh.

Going up against Thanos in Infinity War (not Infinity Gaunlet) in two-parters (May 4th, ’18 and ’19) with this epic cosmic-story actually justified (unlike Hunger Games’ final film). Tony has alot to answer for his self-obsessions (not to mention narcissism) going way-out-of-control. Unfornately drags everyone else into Civil War for Cap’s third outing (May 6th ’16). Hated with how that mini-series of the same name ended then concluded in-retrospect but I trust The Russos.