Expendables III Disappointing

Not a review as advertised cause this case of threequelitus doesn’t deserve it. The previous film was an improvement from it’s predessor. Jean-Claude Van Damme being the best villian in this franchise despite his name deriving from the aforementioned word. Muscles from Brussels delivering his trademark round-house kick is just the-tip-of-the-iceberg to that awesome brutal climax.

“Ticking Bomb” by Aloe Blacc stands out only out-of-context to what goes on-screen with the stars forced to sitting-on-ass after Terry Crews’ Ceasar gets wounded by Mel Gibson (Stonebanks) with the rest following suit including Wesley Snipes (Blade) regardless of his tax-evasions joke. Expected the knife rivally between Jason Stetham (Lee Christmas) to be throughout the film not bookended.

“Out with the old, in with the new” in the ignorant fashion is the mantra of this final installment which completely destroys the whole concept. MMA Fighter, Ronda Rousey’s Luna was nothing but sexist. Maggie (Nan Yu) in addition the short-lived Billy The Kid (Liam Hemsworth) had respect for Barney Ross’ crew more then these nobodies that have little-to-no acting experience in the action-genre. None of the additional people (Mars) didn’t develop by the end instead sing Neil Young’s “Old Man” to top off their arrogance despite some potential with the hacker, Thorn (Glen Powell).

Harrison Ford (Drummer) commenting about Church (Bruce Willis) not being a problem anymore sounded like a bitch-slap in-spite-of that one million dollar fee fiasco. Story-wise, Bruce Willis’ character redeemed himself by joining-the-fight at the airport with Schwarzenegger along with Lone-Wolf Norris. Antonio Barbaras (The Mask of Zorro) gets reduced to obnoxious Motor Mouth instead of another badass like El Mariachi in Desperado. Rambo (Stallone) will curb-stomp no matter how crazy Martin Riggs gets.