First Look at Immature League: Throne of Atlantis

Preview for the next DC animated feature attached to Assault on Arkham, which was okay despite Harley Quinn’s pretentous nudity is online.

Sam Witwer’s voice acting in the Star Wars franchsie was stellar with characters such as Starkiller, The Son, and especially Darth Maul. Jerry O’Connell (Sliders) is a pretty good substitute voicing The Man of Steel since he did an excellent job as Captain Marvel (not Shazam) since Billy is supposed to be more of a boyscout then Clark not this brat who should’ve been their new Black Adam. Rob Lowe (Wayne’s World) also did well in his short-stint on Young Justice. Rosario Dawson (Sin City) sounds more intelligible then Michelle Monaghan’s idiotic portrayal of Themyscira’s ambassador as opposed-to having played the cold-hearted Artemis previously.

So this is the Aquaman film Geoff Johns tweeted about months ago? I would’ve prefered a solo outing instead. Introducing your protangonist at the aimless stage in their lives has run it’s course. Heath Corson must be kidding himself to say they never wrote an angry character. Thanks for continuing to tarnish Flash with more Bat-Worshipping.

Still hate the Superman/Wonder Woman romance since the rebound. Hopefully, Henry Cavill along with Gal Gadot’s characters stick strictly to a partner/friendship bases in Dawn of Justice. Jason Momoa better dye his hair blonde at least since he might be playing the anti-hero version that I’m not fond of.