Kick-Ass 2 Review

Since Man of Steel, I’m questioning the “professional” critic receptions estimated on Rotten Tomatoes on this genre. User criticisms on IMDB are starting to sound more reasonable. The columnists continue to praise anything Marvel like Fix’s Wolvie 5Thor: The Dark World is up in the air at this point in the meantime I found that second trailer underwhelming.

I personally enjoyed the first film despite it’s weaknesses. The supporting actors wonder whether or not these so-called-heroes like Night-Bitch (Lindy Booth) under the team called Justice Forever are truly sane specifically around Jim Carrey’s Colonel Stars and Stripes since he used to be a mob-enforcer. Nick Cage’s cop partner/friend, Marcius Williams recast from Omari Hardwick (The A-Team) to Morris Chestnut is easily the better character in this movie being the voice-of-reason aswell as sanity in this crazy world. He says Big Daddy was a sociopath who robbed her of childhood through brainwashing after he easily catches Mindy Macready (Chloe Grace Moretz) being Hit-Girl again.

While John Leguizamo (Moulin Rouge!) plays Chris D’Amico’s henchman is also in addition to being his conscience for the “bad” things he does like giving lackeys racial profile alias like Black Death and Genghis Carnage. Chris may have attitude and brains but none of the skills necessary to run organized crime like his late father, Frankie (Mark Strong). Iain Glen (Game of Thrones) in a short role as Uncle Ralph also tries to encourage his nephew to let it go in his own twisted way of showing Real Evil which only motivates Chris further to follow through with his revenge.

Olga Kurkulina, a bodybuilder as per the deadly Mother Russia almost steals the show from Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Fright Night). She was Ivan Drago with the strength of She-Hulk. Having a physical person there like Lou Ferrigno despite ILM’s impressive effects on Mark Ruffallo in Avengers is much more effective with these bruiser-types. This woman uses a gun, machete, and a lawnmower to dispatch a couple of police officers. Lyndsy Fonseca (Witchblade) reprises her brief appearance from the first one with a really bad stereotypical Brooklyn accent in one argument scene only to be executed Final Destination 3-style by her son who becomes The Motherf**ker.

Jeff Wadlow (Cry Wolf) replaces Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class) in the director’s chair delivers a visual continuation of the first movie is the only compliment can give. The biggest problems are it’s mixed messages. They preach about how this is “real life” which contradicts the over-the-topness. There’s no outcome for Todd/Ass Kicker (Augustus Pew) unwittingly ratting Dave’s dad out to The Toxic Mega-C**ts. Mindy’s back should’ve been broke in half afterward flying into the funeral monument’s outer arm. Incompetent authorities show up once again with Marcus being the only logical-person-in-the-room. You never get the sense that the justice system is still corrupt subsequently Xander Berkeley’s Detective Gigante is absent. The Police Chief (Todd Boyce) is just an illogical loud-mouth pigeonhole throwing civil rights out the window. Cops go flying out of a car unscathed when the ex-Gulag inmate throws a cigarette infused propane canister through their windshield.

The two major exclusions are The Lethargic Duo. Hit-Girl steals the spotlight from the title character but at the same time, Dave Lizewski (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) is turned into a self-centered punk. He constantly bugs Mindy to join him despite following a righteous path to living a normal life that she starts fitting into when she empresses her fellow cheerleaders. Katie (Lyndsy Fonseca) is written out entirely after taking a Level In Jerkass dive. She’ll fall for anything resembling him being a pedophile since she believed Dave to be gay previously. After the implied-rape by The Tumor (which is played for laughs by the way), there’s was no reason at all for Night Bitch to have a sudden change-for-heart aimed at the climax.  Mindy doesn’t tell Marcus her classmate, Brooke (Claudia Lee) isn’t nice since she was the one making fun of her in the beginning. However, you can chalk it up to her being the foul-mouthed teenager wanting to fit in with the aforementioned kind (Mean Girls essentially).

Carrey doesn’t have enough of a screen-premise to leave an impression before meeting his demise by the former KGB bodyguard’s massive thighs. I can’t help but think that was the real reason for his non-promotion decision despite his justifications about the Sandy Hook School Shooting last year. Tend to agree with Chloe’s response that it shows you what not to do as opposed to the idiotic belief that it encourages violence in society.

Dave is now on the road to being another obsessed mass-murderer like Damon in the end since his father (Garrett Brown) was killed. It’s highly unlikely Mindy will answer for the crimes she committed (killing with a cop’s gun) like her comic counterpart if there’s a third one.

Rating: 6 1/2