Smallville “Finale” Part 2 Review

I’m not going to dwell on the idiotic things that happened in the first half to this two-parter for the final episode of the series.

Like Chloe “Mary Sue” Sullivan reading a nonsensical DC published Smallville comic about The Life of Superman to Roy Harper (oh I’m sorry, Queen Jr.) aka Speedy in the future, the underage (illegal) marriage that is Chlollie being “happily” married before Lois & Clark tie the knot’s existence mindbogglingly, and Clark in self-doubt (aswell as Lois) for the one thousandth time. But focus on the pros and cons of the second part.

Michael Rosenbaum’s return as Lex Luthor was bittersweet. His commentary on Clark’s pronunciation of his name was priceless.

“You still say it the same way — astonishment mixed with a hint of dread, yet…but a hopeful finish.”

I knew from the start of the season that there wasn’t going to be a big battle with Darkseid (Failsday being the classic example), but AU Lionel possessed was still a decent benefit. John Glover has been such an amazing actor on the show (give that man an Emmy) that he manages to make it eerie as hell.

However, the voice was nothing to right home about. Michael Ironside will always be the definitive speaker to The God of Evil. I was also aware that Lena Luthor (since TPTB decided to make Mercy / Tess whatever you want to call her into a Luthor in this final season) was going to die by her brother’s hand, but Lex’s mindwipe from another Deus-Ex-Machina at the end was complete BS.

While Clark saving the world in costume (in faraway CGI) was epic, my main problem is the same with how The Man of Steel has been portrayed on screen. Can we please move on from The Silver Age / Pre-Crisis era where he’s able to do everything (even when it’s used for plot-conveniences) like being able to push the entire planet of Apokolips out of orbit.

Such wasted talents of Christine Willes (Granny Goodness), Michael Daingerfield (Glorious Godfrey), and Steve Bryers (Desaad) when all three of The Prophets get taken out in less then a minute.

Rating: 6 1/2

Bottom line, I’m glad this show is finally over.

Grade: C+