Second Green Lantern Preview

This is first time we get to hear some dialogue from Peter Sarsgaard (Hector Hammond), Angela Bassett (Amanda Waller), and especially Michael Clarke Duncan as the voice of Kilowog. Who lays down the rules of being in The Corps (literally and figuratively).

After the disasters that happen in this film, Waller is probably going to change her stands on aliens. But at the same time, that depends on whether or not they follow through on her comic book arc. This seems likely because the studio wants to do a Suicide Squad film. Unfortunately, it is going to be written by Justin Marks who wrote Street Fighter: The Legend of Drama Queen.

From the WonderCon footage to this, Ryan Renyolds has me convinced that he can portray Hal Jordan. He’s not a goofball when he says, “Fight it with me” in a deadly serious tone. The glimpses of the Sinestro Corps symbol and The Guardians of The Universe were pretty sweet.

My nitpick are the fire coming out of the constructs (vulcan cannon and flame thrower) not being emerald considering it’s created from the ring’s power. Parallax arriving on Earth is giving me bad Storm Cloud Galactus vibes (I sense a cop-out coming on the horizon).

Blake Lively still hasn’t convinced me that she was the right choice for Carol Ferris. She sounds like a like a total bimbo when she says, “No problem”. This is another case of contractual obligation, where the actor or actress (in this case, Blake Lively) has to appear in all forms of studio (Warner Bros. / The CW) product (Gossip Girl and The Town) like Julian McMahon starring in both Nip/Tuck and the crappy Fantastic Four movies. That’s never a good sign.

Looking back on the past candidates, Eva Green (Vesper Lynd from Casino Royale) would’ve been the ideal pick.