Kevin Costner as Pa Kent

On the heels of Cavill portraying The Man of Tomorrow announcement, Deadline confirms the role Mr. Dances With Wolves will be playing is Kal-El’s adopted father.

Almost a month after Deadline revealed that Kevin Costner was in early talks for a lead role in Superman: Man of Steel, I hear that he has closed a deal to play Jonathan Kent, the adoptive dad of Clark Kent. Costner will join Henry Cavill, who is playing the title role, and Diane Lane, who is playing Martha Kent, his adopted mother.

Costner definitely has more then enough credits. Said movie, The Untouchables, Field of Dreams, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and JFK (minus Waterworld and The Postman). On a sidenote, his band, Modern West did a song called “Superman 14”, which it’s quite good.

He can nail the farmer from Smallville, Kansas. Even though I’m ready to move on once the TV show ends, I prefer The Kents being hands on parents instead of grandparents.