Smallville “Icarus” Review

To give my thoughts about the previous Smallville episodes that aired before this, I liked “Patriot” despite John McCain as Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke, Arthur Curry’s Atlantean heritage finally being addressed. Surprisingly, the “lining with mythos” TPTB have used in the past for more excuses was put to good use for a change with Orin and Mera (Elena Satine resembling Alyson Hannigan) being married before Lois & Clark tied the knot which falls in with comics continuity.

“Luthor” was an okay alternate universe episode, better then the previous ones (“Apocalypse” and “Pandora” not withstanding). John Glover’s return as Lionel “The Magnificent Bastard” Luthor being the highlight (the way the character was originally before being redeemed in Seasons 5-7, minus the failed full circle convenient plot called Veritas) and Tom Welling’s performance as the evil counterpart (with the references to Ultraman and Earth-2 term). But I couldn’t get over the newest Deus Ex Machina that was the cause of it and Lollie’s (the Lois / Oliver relationship that’s been over 4 years ago) screen time.

Onto the mid-season finale, Hawkman went out with a bang…literally. Michael Shanks pulled out the stops as Carter Hall meets his maker (again) by saving Lois from an explosion and passing the torch of leadership to Clark before the reincarnated Egyptian prince, Khufu passes onto his next life with Shayera / Hawkgirl. The funeral scene was well done that’s on par with Lionel’s memorial service even though Zatanna, Aquaman, Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Cyborg were stand ins for the absent actors.

We learn here that Darkseid has been present on Earth during The Spanish Inquisition and World War II like Satan in The Twilight Zone episode, “The Howling Man” which contradicts the “explanation” from that god awful Kara centric with the second DEM (the first being the orb from Seasons 7-9), The Book of Rao. But I’ll roll with this explanation over the other, lesser of two evils.

While the fight scene was good, Michael Hogan still looked like Saul Tigh from Battlestar Gallactica with a sword. Which I believe that was the only reason the producers cast him in the first place.

Unfortunately Impostor Cat Grant turns her ugly head again to be more obnoxiously annoying, I wanted so bad for Lois to punch her lights out for ratting them out without outside interference, but there was, and I especially didn’t care for her “change of heart” either.

The flashback about how wonderful Chollie is was total SUCKAGE which makes me severely dreading what’s to come in the next five episodes after the hiatus. With Ollie very likely going to have a case of The Clana Syndrome like Clark did in S8, Dinah (Alaina Huffman) better give him the cold shoulder that he rightfully deserves instead of being a rebound.

Rating: 6 1/2

So it appears that the pyramid device that knocked everybody out, sent them inside their minds (“Labyrinth”) and unfortunately (cringing) Dumb Blondie returns for a five episode arc for more glorifying up the hilt. Clark loses his powers (Blue Kryptonite since we saw it turn up again this year), what a shock and Lex with hair, what the hell? We clearly saw Alexander shave his head at the end of “Harvest” to symbolize his turn to what Luthor will always be.