Green Lantern Teaser

I wasn’t going to comment until the full preview came out, so here it is:

After hearing his narration on The Story of DC Comics documentary released on DVD last Tuesday, I still think Ryan Renyolds can pull off Hal Jordan. It sounds like he’s taking this seriously while having fun at the same time which is good.

The make-up department did an astonishing job on Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond in his big headed glory. Sinestro (Mark Strong) looks freakin sweet. He definitely stepped off the pages of Ivan Reis’ Sinestro Corps War. If this movie fails, at least he’ll be a saving grace.

CG on the fist contruct, Oa, Tomar-Re, and Kilawog (even in the ET sneak peek) are awesome. Of course, not all of the effects were perfect. Keep in mind, they just started post production and the film doesn’t come out till late June of next year, so hopefully by the release, it’ll look spectacular.

Odd that Tom Kalmaku is being played by an older New Zealian (Taika Waititi) instead of an young Asian kid like Aaron Yoo (who had a brief cameo in the subpar Elm Street remake). Guess they didn’t want him to be too much of “The Jimmy Olsen to GL” (which he is in the comics).

Unfortunately, Blake Lively hasn’t convinced me in the role of Carol Ferris (future Star Sapphire). Her acting is so stiff. It’s like she’s trying to sound all grown up, when she’s still a teenager. The age difference is still glaring, and that quick shot of her getting up out of bed at 2 hours and 4 minutes, her hair is in it’s natural blond (since they dyed it or but a brunette wig on her as opposed to black from the source material). This could go either Katie Holmes / Maggie Gyllenhaal or even much worse, Kristen Dunst level of bad.

Lastly some of the dialogue is ho-hum. It’s the same-old generic lines we’ve heard before in past superhero movies. That’s what happens when you have Michael Goldenberg (Harry Potter 5) and Michael Green (who wrote the majority of Season 1 episodes of Smallville) doing the rewrite.