The General’s Back in Town

TV Guide says Micheal Ironside along with Peyton List will reprise their roles of Sam and Lucy Lane for an upcoming family reunion in Smallville’s final year.

General Lane and Lucy were last seen in separate episodes during Season 4. The General, however, has been mentioned numerous times, including last season when Lois called to discuss her wedding to Clark (Tom Welling) while under a persuasive spell.

My favorite Clois moment in episode three of the horrendous fourth season, “Facade”, General Lane shows up to tell his daughter she failed the last semester with Clark laughing behind her back. After giving his future son-in-law the look, puts him in charge showing Lois around Smallville High to make up for credit.

Aside Ms. Graves delivering The Falcon Punch (which I used in my latest 5 Second video) to Dumb Blondie‘s face, The McGuffin Kryptonite centric was one of the worst episodes of Season 9.

With Ironside’s return to the show maybe that Darkseid’s vessel is possible. But I’m not going to hold my breath considering The Lord of Apokolips (from that glimpse of him on Clark’s Dark Knight spot in the San Diego footage.) is a human cloud (Galactus in Fox’s last Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer film-direct-to-spin-off that didn’t happen) that can tranform into a swarm of crows (Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders’ brilliant idea of the Parademons).