Avengers Assemble!

Here’s the little promo that surprised the guests (and anyone else who managed to catch the live feed on UStream) after the Thor panel in San Diego went officially online.

I’m still disappointed about the Ed Norton recast to Mark Ruffalo (and the fans severely booed Marvel Studios‘ executive producer, Kevin Feige when that question was brought up). It hurts the continuity, but then again they already shot themselves in the foot with Rhody.

With the additions of The Infinity Gauntlet, as well as The Cosmic Cube, Invaders (including Namor without wings on his ankles), and Hydra, I sincerely hope they aren’t overloading on their first films for these franchises. You can’t cover all that material within a one-hour-and-forty-five-minute time span.

To watch the footage from previously said panel, go here.