SDCC: Behind Young Justice

Definitely more mature then Teen Titans.

The show’s got the production value of an animated feature then just-another-TV-series like previously mentioned or The Batman. I was wrong about Aqualad and Artemis (who’s Wonder Girl, Kassie’s age in this continuity then her adult self) being the leaders as the poster implied prier. The character designs for Robin, Kid Flash and Red Arrow are top notch.

Don’t like Miss Martian (a Titan member) being on the team though. As I’m torn about Kara Zor-El’s existence (despite me liking the first two storylines by Jeph Loeb), it takes away from J’onn J’onzz and Kal-El’s last-of-their-kind aspect. In my opinion, I prefer Arsenal over Roy Harper’s first and last alias’.