Batman: City of Scars

BITS’ latest Dark Knight film has been out a month now, so here it is for your viewing pleasure:

On a budget of $27,000, Aaron Schoenke made a visually stunning movie. Kevin Porter has the look, physique, and just the right level of Bat-Gravel (unlike Christian Bale).

Jay Caputo really stood out performance wise. He hit the right level of schizophrenia to Arnold Wesker which I’d say that’s on par with George Dzundza’s portrayal from B:TAS. Victor Zsasz didn’t have a big role as I thought prier, but Guy Grundy still manages to pull off a serial killer without any dialogue. Paul Molnar delivers the goods once again as The Clown Prince of Crime with his prosthetic nose improved upon then Patient J (even though it was still obvious).

Few gripes I had are that while it was neat to see Black Canary (the bartender) in there, it was a throw away cameo. The Joker’s hair and make-up on Paul’s face this time around was very glaring unlike previously. A problem the costume suffers from The Cowl Syndrome. The actors that were the weakest links were Christopher Parker (Crispus Allen) and Katie Joy Horwitch (Rene Montoya).
Rating: 8