Toy Story 3 Review

The Day & Night short before the movie started was very creative with 2D characters with visuals of the internal emotions in 3D animation.

Beginning the film with Andy’s imagination that was shown in the previous films and afterward Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got A Friend in Me” playing was a great way to reintroduce these beloved characters we haven’t seen in 11 years since the second film. Just pure nostalgia.

Spanish mode Buzz Lightyear doing the tango with Jesse was the most hilarious moment ever. Blake Clark replaced the late Jim Varney (Ernest P. Worrell) as the voice of Slinky did a good job imitating Varn’s distinctive speech pattern, despite one scene where it slipped.

Director, Lee Unkrich delivered an emotional ride (the incinerator scene), the one that stood out for me was the absence of Woody’s girl during the exposition, Little Bo Peep (played by Anne Potts) was sold in another garage sale.

The Disney Digital added to the experience rather then subtracting considering the tread is kicking into overdrive. While Lotso voiced by Ned Beatty was a pretty good antagonist, out of him and Stinky Pete (susprisely performed by Kelsey Grammer), I still stick with Sid Phillips from the first one.

Overall, this lives up to the title of “Best Movie of the Year”. It was a satisfying conclusion to the franchise. In my opinion it deserves to be in The Great Hall of Trilogies such as the original Star Wars and Back to The Future.

Rating: 10