Smallville "Charade" Review

At first I was under impressed, since Allison Mack’s character is such a bad influence on the future Man of Tomorrow (“Upgrade”, when he decided that spying on his one true love’s every move was Oookay.), she successed in breaking up a part of Lois & Clark’s romance, but this was a learning curve for Clark alone. The funniest Clois moment I’ve seen yet with their little “sneak preview” in the elevator, Oh My God.

We’re introduced to a new editor of The Planet, Franklin Stern, who in the Superman comics is a friend of Perry White. Like Cat Grant’s brief appearance in “Crossfire”, at least they’re bringing in more of The Man of Steel’s bigger supporting cast (the Jimmy Olsen retcon not withstanding.) then the townsfolk the show started out with.

Here, Stern fires Lois & Clark from the paper because they land on the front page after their undercover work goes wrong. Yeah, it’s convenient for the plot since the real Chief is coming back in episode 20, “Hostage” so he can rehire them. After Clark saves Lois from ex-D.A. Sack’s goon, he lefts off the ground (Flight!) to the top of the building to looking all Batman again.

For the short amount of screentime Gil Bellows got, he sold me on his performance as Maxwell Lord. As for his mind reading effect, I wouldn’t have mind it so much if they hadn’t use it for Martian Manhunter in “Checkmate”.

We’ll have to wait and see where his character goes since he’s reappearing in the last few episodes. Will he survive for Season 10 or is Stalktower going to steal Diana Prince’s thunder like she stole Barbara Gordon’s?

The music stood out, specially with the film noir song at the beginning was very similar to the great Shirley Walker’s scores from Batman: The Animated Series and The Flash.

Thought the ending was MORE STALLING. But with an open mind, I realized this has always been part of Superman mythos, where Lois was torn between her feelings for Kal-El and his mild mannered alter ego until Clark told her.

Cared even beyond less about DB’s alliance with Mercy which is totally going to backfire next week. Projecting her problems on Ms. Graves was pathetic. Speaking of that, a huge plot hole in this, she’s walking around in public when in said episode, government agents where on every Metropolis street corner. Another continuity flub.

Rating: 6 1/2

Skipping “Sacrifice” for the Elm Street remake because, one Lois isn’t there, which brings an episode down in my book. And two it’s more glorifying Stalktower.