Smallville "Warrior" Review

Well they did it, they actually did it, the PTB have used their Dumb Blonde to piss on the culmination of Lois & Clark’s relationship.

This episode would’ve been so much better if Billy Batson, on the quest to becoming Captain Marvel (much in the vain of Judd Winick’s Trials of Shazam, where Billy’s sidekick, Freddy Freeman became the new champion) was the guest star instead of another Warrior Angel centric, which that fad from the earlier seasons is pointless now considering Kal-El is almost heading towards the finish line.

Not only that, while it’s good that Kent was the lead as screentime goes (“Society”) with Zatanna, unlike their one scene in “Hex”, the makeout scene shown in the trailer pryer to the second half of the season airing that was used to give him “perspective” on his feelings for Lois comes totally out of left field.

But the worst part was the end. For godsake, not another pointless shipper. Why are the producers trying so damn hard to make us the audience, into liking Chloe and Oliver to the point of them starting a relationship when they clearing done the most dethhhhhhPICable things and sharing a philopsy that’s completely against the Superman code?!

The only reason they did that was to keep those two relevant to the series, when they should’ve been thrown in jail for their crimes last year but where left off the hook by said people.

But to be fair out this montrosity, I always enjoy the comedic moments of Clois, plus her giving the mild manner reporter the real view on fantasy and escapism.

Rating: 5 1/2