Smallville "Disciple" Review

To reiterate why this season isn’t working upon many things, Oliver Queen is too damn inconsitent. First he gets over his “darkside complex” and then the next minute he’s back to dwelling on Lois, who’s finally formed a romantic relationship with the man she’s destined to be with forever.

As the story goes, writer, Jordon Hawley tries to make you believe Ollie has a case of multiple personality disorder which of course was clearly that wasn’t the case.

Clark is finally starting to see Dumb Blonde’s true nature when she tells him about her little stunt pulled in “Roulette” and then being the annoying bitch she is, has the nerve to spit on Superman’s moral code. If this was a pre-Crime Syndiate universe, she would’ve killed by him years ago. But Boyscout makes another great comeback by basically saying “Now I’m cleaning up your mess.” The only thing left to cut the ties permently is to discover her murder from last year.

But for some stupid reason he still relys on her for information when he so obiviously can do it on his own because..he’s an investigative reporter. This was worse then “Siren” when he finally saw Drama Queen for the skank she was and then fell right back into the powers that be’s spell. To be fair though, there was no scene where he apologized to the human plot device.

At first it seemed Lois was suspcicous of Zod’s visit at Metropolis General after her attack by Merlyn or Dark Archer, whatever you want to call him. But then she’s like “Your friend, Zod showed up, the three of us should go out together.” to the mild mannered reporter. What was that? I know she doesn’t remember since her memory of the future trip was erased (making another arc entirely pointless.), but that was just ridiculous. Was Hawley trying to make Lois look clueless?

But the ending cleared up skeptism about wiether or not the producers were dumbing down Kal-El again by befriending Zod and his cronies at the end of “Pandora”, he still doesn’t trust him. The best line comes where he tells his arch enemy to stay away or he will destroy them all.

Rating: 6

Next week, Absolute Justice arrives early as the second glorifying Chloe centric was supposed to air after this, glad it got switched.