Green Lantern #44

This issue picks up where the first comic to the big event left off, with the arrival of Black Lantern Corps member, Martian Manhunter.

Before that happens, Barry Allen gets infected with the same residue The Guardian pukes out to covert his past fellows on Oa to his cause of wiping out the existence of emotions which is the cause of all the war, violence, and destruction in the universe. Valid point, but of course the irony that Geoff Johns gets across is the problem only gets more escalated.

The symptoms are quickly taking control of Flash with the right side of his face changing and mistakenly attacking Hal Jordon as he believes to be fighting J’onn J’onzz, trying to get through to him. Believing there’s still good left in this montrous persona. But for how long can Barry hold onto that strand of hope is the real question. J’onn gains the upper hand, flings Hal up in the air and pushes Barry into the filth of Gotham’s sewer water.

Meanwhile in Sector 1313, John Stewart finally stops moping on his little piece of rock to face a new threat that’s headed straight for him. Planet Xanshi becomes an agent of Death. Decent read after the cliffhanger that happened in said mini series which we’ll talk about on the show, aswell as review the First Flight animated movie that came out this recently.