Superman: World of New Krypton #5

Kal-El and Nar are put to trial in front of the council, in the Richard Donner fashion with General Zod in Jor-El’s place as the prosecutor. Nar is willing to accept the charges against them, but her commander takes full responsiblity.

I’m torn about this issue. We get the trial, but the execution gets the short end of the stick with the charges erased for some holiday? Zod isn’t Black Adam from 52, where he tried really hard to change himself and make the world a better place. It’s the soldier vs scientist metophor where no action, just thinking and talking is considered weak and pathetic to him and conquering is the answer.

In the cliffhanger, there’s assassination or attempt by someone who’s willing to do something by shooting the tryant point blank in the chest with the red solar weapon. This story isn’t picking up speed, I can’t read through seven more comics for the climax of this story. Rather wait till Vol. 2 comes out.