Red Robin #2

Tim “Wayne” Drake escapes the assassination attempt by Ra’s Al Ghul’s henchman. Before that time, his friends and family are trying to reach him. After the fight, Tim finds out Ra’s was involved.

Stephanie Brown/Spoiler shows up in his base of operations in a warehouse. Believing to be sent by Dick Grayson to talk him out of his mission, Tim refuses to speak to her and in the end decides to accept The Demon Head’s offer to find Bruce, who he believes is not really dead.

Within the Bat-Community, you’d think they would be aware that nobody ever stays in their grave. Hal Jordon, and Barry Allen, anyone?

Despite that, this issue had some decent humor in places with his monologue about throwing his disks and coming up with a distinctive voice. But with this kind of cliffhanger, hope Tim is just going along with it to find out what the eco-terrorist is up to.