Hal Jordan & The Telenicolor Spectrum

With the legendary Green Lantern going through this trial, by the end of Blackest Night he’ll become a White Lantern. Which makes sense for his character to end up after his life experiences.

My thoughts on #42. The shock value of losing his hand by Larfleeze in the last comic to find out it was just a mirage in this, took the momenteum out real quick.

After a brutal fight, Agent Orange unleashes the full wrath of his greed on him and his corps. Hal answers the blue ring’s question to hope for everything to be fine and during a long postponed moment, finally uses it against his enemy. But then the ring leaves to go find a replacement.

In the end, The Guardians allow Gonzo go to the Blue Lantern’s home planet for the energy he graves where Ganthet, Sayd, and the other Saints look up in susprise.

The color and inking is inconsistant. It’s like at the last minute, Nei Ruffino and Rod Reis decided to paint ontop of the black ink.