Singer for MOS? Part 3

UGO interviewed Singer, again asking the question on The Man of Steel’s status.

JH: But there is talk of a new film, though. Are you officially
involved in this talk of the new film?

BS: I am not officially involved in the talk, no.

JH: But when talk happens they’ll call you.

BS: Well it’s, you know, I have relationships with Warner
Brothers and with the character and, and, and, and it’s just the way things work

JH: But you are not divorced from Superman at this point.

BS: No.

JH: All right.

When first asked, once again he laughs it off. Now, I’m not going to jump to conclusions like Justice League, but for God’s sake, how long are you going to tease us after your shameless plug of a movie?

If the “not being in talks” is true, I wouldn’t be shocked. As for a replacement, that’s up in the air for me. On the revamp bandwagon, with GL for 2010 and MOS for 2011, WB is starting again from scratch.