Saturn Girl on Smallville

One the Legionnaires that will be popping up in 8xll is Saturn Girl. Casting has been confirmed, Alexz Johnson will play her.

Not being familiar with this actress, I watched some clips on YouTube, of her starring roles. She’s decent, hopefully she’s better then the Plastique chick. But also that the other writers and producers of the show, give Geoff Johns some freedom to write the character with dignity, and not just another Maxima/Poison Ivy on a mission.

This is starting to form into an adaptation of “New Kids in Town” from Superman: TAS with Cosmic Boy, but without the inclusion of Chameleon Boy, cause of budget constraits, replaced with Brainiac 5. Wishfully thinking, yes but also coincided with what happened to Chloe last week.

Think about it, The Legion are coming to present day to warn Clark of an upcoming threat, maybe of Chloe’s turn, which I’d like to see but not be an entire monologue episode, they better fight some other threat and not just another FOTW.

But to also to tie this is item with Kara’s return tomorrow night, as speculation goes, that the producers could take the JLU route and have her not fitting in with Clark’s lifestyle and decides to leave with The Legion, if she appears if that’s the case to whatever happens in “Bloodline”.