Smallville “Identity” Review

Write up of last night’s episode. Initially, I felt tremedous disappointment and a slight anger issue, that it was a giant tease and middle finger to me and anyone else who thought that this was the start of a secret identity, glasses or semi-costume, that went nowhere and ultimately meant nothing to Clark’s character, just another event of the day, or in this case, night.

Trying to be very generous here I’ll start with what I liked first. The Clois moments was one of the few things that keeped me on board to what was going on, especially after the events of “Committed”, Lois has alot on her mind, her feelings for Clark, to working to keep her mind off it, and now, in a future Lois Lane fashion wants an exclusive with Superdude.

Glad Jimmy was smart to put two and two together. Seemed to me that Clark and him were developing some sort of friendship.

Oliver’s back to being Green Arrow after the events in “Toxic”, always love him lecturing Boyscout, “Be a good thing to see you on the paper, it would force you to step up.” In the least, the producers didn’t drag the “doubting himself” storyline for too long.

Of course the highlight of this episode was Chloe’s Brainiac side officially taking over and frying Freak of the Week’s mind. Extremely interested to see what happens next.

Clark had no right to lecture Oliver, just because the lead character was being nothing more then a whiny little whip who cared about nothing more then the sake of “protecting his own identity”, as Oliver stated in “Rage”, which makes the point that Clark still hasn’t changed. Jimmy going back to the “not being honest” issue and another forgettable Meteorfreak.

As I’ve said before, the teases and anvils in this, really annoyed the hell out of me, including Lois’ “I’m destined for a man in tights and a cape” line, because of Clark’s lack of character developing by saying at the end, ironically enough “Not in this lifetime” was an insult from the producers saying “Yep, were still gonna drag it through the mud”, I’M GETTING TIRED OF THIS.

To complete the insult, Clark goes to Mercy like a baby and tells her he doesn’t what the story, which only increases more suspicion on him. It’s basically him asking for trouble. Biggest Big Dumb Alien moment yet.

It would’ve been better, that in the closing, had a scene where Clark took Oliver’s blue suit and stored it away somewhere, that would’ve a better maybe, cause him just saying it means never.

If Doomsday killing him and Chloe’s turn to evil and demise doesn’t move BDA forward, nothing will. Half of this episode felt like Clark, then it turned into a Oliver Queen centric, Now I understand Rob’s meaning of having an extra character they don’t need. But in defense it meant something.

Rating: 5 1/2

The only thing I’m expecting from Kara’s return is alot of anger or resentment towards her cousin’s lack of locating her last season.