Nick’s Top 7 Scariest Movie Moments

Since this is the week of Halloween, I’ve come up with my list of creepy scenes in film over the years.

1. The Fly (1958) – “Help Me.”

I Hate Bugs. Had a bad experience with a jellow jacket, once. The moments from this B-Movie are of course, Bug POV, but the one that stands out the most is the ending.

While some find it funny, it still gives me the creeps, don’t know what’s more disturbing, the human insect screaming or the spider about to eat it’s prey.

What I did find humorous is The Inspector has the rock in his hands ready to crush it, but then waits for the exact moment when the spider starts to devour the Manfly’s head. I understand he was horrified like Vincent Price was (who wouldn’t be?), But still too convenient with the rock being in front of his foot.

Even though I’ve watch this scene recently to confront my fears, I couldn’t sleep one night in my room, I slept on couch instead, and dosed off playing my Ipod.

2. Robocop (1987) – Murphy’s Death

One of those instincts where it’s so disturbing I have to leave the room, I know it’s fake, but still Peter Weller’s body parts being blow off by machine guns and then getting shot over and over again, to end it with a bullet to head.

Another from this film would be Boddicker’s man, Antonosky coming out the truck filled with toxic waste as a howling mutant and getting hit by a Red Forman’s car.

3. Darkman (1990) – Westlake’s Death


First, the mutilation of character actor Liam Neeson in Sam Rami’s first superhero film of his creation is both unsettling and humorous at the same time with Westlake’s over the top expressions of pain.

Second, the carnival scene where Darkman breaks some shlub’s fingers and the girlfriend’s imitation of the Nazi officer staring at The Ark in horror from Raiders.

4. The Fly (1986) – Vomit Drops

A different level of creepy then the original, Jeff Goldblum’s body falling apart or Gina Davis’ nightmare of giving birth to a maget doesn’t bother me as much, but seeing him puke up acid does.

Best quote comes where Goldblum starts whispering to himself, “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly, perhaps she’ll die.” One of his few stand out roles, the other being Dr. Malcolm from Jurassic Park:

5. Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988) – The Roach Motel

A Freddy Krugger kill that got stuck in my mind. Another case of humans turning into insects, first Debbie’s arms snap, revealing giant roach arms, trapped into a big bug trap, to full on cockroach, then…Squash.

Dream Child was my favorite, mainly because of comic book artist, Mark transforms into his superhero creation. Then Freddy turns into a mix between Superman and Black Adam, and lastly the likeable, strong willed character, Alice.

6. American Werewolf in London (1981) – Transformation Scene

Werewolves are my favorite monsters, but in John Landis’ film, I wouldn’t want to be one, going through massive body shifts from the bones to the face. Plus the undead never resting or shutting the hell up.

I’ll go through Lon Chaney Jr.’s transformation any night of the full moon.

7. Wizard of Oz (1939) – The Wicked Witch

Didn’t make the top 3 but the ugly harlet from the west is included, beats Maleficent of Sleepy Beauty out the park.

What’s there to say. She scared every child (including me) giving us nightmares for years after. After the accident where Margaret Hamilton got burned when she disappears after the classic “I’ll get you my pretty” phrase, she definitely tapped into her darker side when she came back to work.

That’s the end of the list folks, have a safe and Happy Halloween.