Graysons Coming to The CW

According to Variety, that the producers of Smallville and Supernatural are attempting to start a new DC series.

“The Graysons” is seen as a potential replacement for “Smallville” should that show end its run this season, which has been speculated. Should
“Smallville” return next year, “The Graysons” might also make a strong companion piece.

In the one-hour “Graysons,” which will be set in modern times, young DJ will face challenges involving first loves, young rivals and his family as he grows up. Souders and Peterson have come up with an original take on the character.

My question is, why can’t they just call it Grayson (like the fan film)? This sounds like a sitcom, like Two and a Half Men or something. People are still interested to see a pre-Batman show, and as I’ve said before, Smallville needs to conclude.

So overall, I liked the Aquaman pilot (which this show will end up), I’ll give it a shot. Maybe it’ll firmly show audiences that there’s more to The Dark Knight’s partner then “Holy Cats”.