“Plastique” Images

Kryptonsite has released images from 8-02.

While thumbing through, this had me grinning. The question at first was why isn’t he wearing the glasses that he should’ve begun to wear after Season 3’s “Whisper”? While reading forums about the secret identity issue, someone brought up Superman: The Animated Series, Clark is upright direct, the Kent that Lois has seen during her time in the town of Kansas is the wimpy piner of teen angst.

As I’ve mentioned on my previous post about the Plastque character, just make her a metahuman, to comment on the images of Davis, his expression seemed to me of observation, not like, who’s that hot blonde chick, I’ll like to know her. There was something lurking below the surface, which is starting to bring my theory to light that he’s the agent working for The Department of Domestic Security, but what he doesn’t know was that he was created to be the ultimate weapon, and I’m going on a lim by saying that Lex is behind all of this, while he doesn’t remember that Clark was The Traveler, he does know there’s an potentially dangerous alien out there, but ultimately turns out him and the government created the true monster.