Warners on DC Properties: Part 2

Variety interviewed it’s president on the updates of DC licenses for future films.

Warners and DC (both Time Warner entities) have labored in vain over another Superman, and launches for Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Arrow and Green Lantern. It’s maddening for fans as rival Marvel Comics has successfully begun financing its own slate of pics, first with “Iron Man,” then a reboot of The Incredible Hulk” this summer.

That could soon change, as Warners is readying to revamp how DC’s properties are developed — changes that could be announced within the next month.

I tend to agree with one of responses on this particular issue that Warners is just blowing smoke out their ass, until I actually see change like, the announcement of DC Studios and their slate of upcoming projects, nothing will have me convinced.

It goes on to say their looking for Nolan to direct the follow up on Dark Knight, which I don’t think is gonna happen, from discussion on air, and they also mention in print that they have no idea where the director is taking them, which also doesn’t sound good, cause the studio might do something stupid out of confusion.