Smallville "10 Things I Like to See in Season 8" Reply

Graig of Kryptonsite made a column of things he like to see in next month’s season. Here the highlights.

9. Less love triangles and more action. The spoilers that seem to leak out first are the relationship-based ones, and those are the ones that get the fandom riled up and bickering with people the most. But you know what? I don’t care if Clark is with Lana / Lois / Chloe / Maxima / Shelby / Lex / whoever this week. I want to see him embracing his destiny and being Superman. The soap opera stuff isn’t and never was really for me.

Agree with you cold heartedly, NO MORE SOAPBOXES!

7. Give the Green Arrow his own show already. I don’t want GreenArrowVille to take over Smallville, but I do think Justin Hartley is leading man material and deserves his own series already. I’m tired of The CW lining him up for subpar projects when there is one that I know everyone would like to see. Bonus if the Black Canary comes along, double bonus if it’s a Justice League spin-off… it’s been a few years since Justice was canned; is the title available again?

While I don’t agree with everybody else’s opinions on Green Arrow (which I wouldn’t get into again), but yes, after Smallville has finished it’s run there should be another superhero series, JLA or GA doesn’t matter.

6. Proper resolution for Kara. They’re not really going to leave her in The Phantom Zone, are they? Plus, Laura Vandervoort was really good in the role, and seemed popular… so I hope we have not seen the last of her. A Green Arrow / Supergirl team-up like those seen in Justice League Unlimited would be welcomed, too.

Another spot noted Graig. The bombshell blonde better return either one shot or in the second half. One of things that erked me in the previous awkward season, was Clark had no desire to look for her when she disappeared in “Blue”, stupid BDA.

5. Heroic Clark. Not “Clark goaded by the Green Arrow,” and not “Clark who needs Chloe to tell him how to properly be a hero.” Superman is the greatest hero there is, or rather, should be… and it’s never fun to see the show when even the most minor characters seem more heroic than he is. Let’s see him relishing doing the right thing, unencumbered by his romantic entanglements and instead becoming the hero we all know him to be.

Clark’s character development is the main negative of this series, 7 years of “I’m not sure of myself. My name is Clark not Kal-El, I want a normal boring ass life, I’m still in love with Lana.” yadda, yadda, yadda. I’m glad the other characters get in he’s face, I’m glad he suffered in Season 5, he deserved it.

“GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DO SOMETHING!” – Thank you Oliver Queen.

2. More Justice Leaguers. I’m glad to hear that Black Canary, Aquaman, and The Green Arrow will be in the Season 8 premiere. But what about Impulse and Cyborg – especially Bart, who was one of the most entertaining characters to speed through the series? I’d love to see Smallville’s take on The Green Lantern as well, and while we’re on the subject of characters who have been written excellently by Geoff Johns, how about someone lesser-known, like Booster Gold? I also really wish that someone at would finally allow Smallville to have Bruce Wayne, even if it’s for just one episode, and even if it’s a cameo – it would give us long-time watchers something to really enjoy.

I’ve said time and time again, forget heroes, bring on the villains, stop killing them off, and here’s a suggestion, GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME. So far the strikes have been, Brainiac as the T-1000 and Bizarro, out of character has the same feelings for his opposite’s object of desire, ready to go for a third?