Dick Grayson as a Character

MTV’s Movie Blog interviewed Jeph Loeb about Dark Knight, which comes out soon, he brought up the topic of Robin being a very crucial character in the mythos.

Which is a little ironic, considering that one of Bale’s favorite Batman comics is “Dark Victory,” by fan-favorite creators Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. And who do you think appears as a critical character in “Dark Victory”? (Hint: He wears a red and yellow costume.)

So how do you reconcile the two disparate viewpoints?

“Take the time to tell the story properly,” Loeb told MTV News. “There is a story of Dick Grayson and how he becomes Robin that is extremely moving and very helpful.”

“It’s all about building the relationship between Bruce and Dick. Dick hates Bruce. He doesn’t understand why it is that he needs to do this and Bruce doesn’t understand why he’s doing it either because he’s not a parent. He doesn’t know how to be a parent,” Loeb said. “And together, they make each other better people. So that for me would be the next step.”

But for all the fans already crying out in horror just at the thought of it, Loeb isn’t actually talking so much about Robin as he is about Dick Grayson. In fact, the best Robin story might not actually have “Robin” at all.

I think for this to work in the franchise is for WB and Nolan setup his origin, focus on the father and son aspect, Richard yanking Bruce back from The Abyss, Bruce’s experience with this new goal, their rocky relationship which leads to Dick establishing himself as Nightwing in Teen Titans that is still in development.