Justice Returns

TV Guide has revealed that not only Green Arrow will return to Smallville but the JLA as well.

Get ready for the return of the Justice League. When Smallville
comes back in September, the Super Friends reunite to search for Clark Kent, who
went missing in May’s season finale after tussling with Lex Luthor at the
Fortress of Solitude.

One of the first things the new quartet did was lock in Justin
for at least 12 episodes as Green Arrow/Oliver Queen, a fan favorite
who appeared frequently in Season 6 and once last season. He’ll start this new
chapter by gathering Aquaman and Black Canary to rescue Clark.
and Alaina
will reprise their roles, as will Phil
, whose Martian Manhunter also appears in the opener, titled

This season’s theme is “double identities,” Souders says. “It’s about the
Superman identity emerging as Clark Kent tries to maintain a normal life — or
the appearance of a normal life.” To that end, he takes a job at the “Daily
Planet,” right across the desk from Lois Lane (Erica Durance).

THEY BETTER come up with a DAMN GOOD explanation as to Jonn Jonnz’s lack of appearence when Bizarro came back. But they’ll probably going to reveal in the season that he’s working with the league, The “Surprise” Twist if you will.
They better give Oliver and Dinah the screen time they derserve, not him and Lois, that would be a rehashing.
“Double Identites”, yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it, cause last season mostly it was smoke out of Clana’s asses.