WB’s 2009 Updates

IESB has reported Warner Bros’ plans for their future movie projects for next year and after.

So which WB films are contenders to get on the fast track for Summer 2009?

I don’t know how many films in total are attempting to push forward but we
have heard of a handful of potentials I’ve listed below.The first is David
Goyer’s SUPERMAX: GREEN ARROW. A “Green Arrow goes to prison” film written by
Justin Marks. According to our sources, the film has been renamed to just GREEN
ARROW, I like that a whole lot better. I am hearing with the success of Marvel’s
Iron Man, considered a second tier comic book character, certain execs over Warner
Bros. believe it’s the right time to introduce the world to Oliver Queen, his
bag of trick arrows and green spandex.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m still against the studio make this type of movie for TV, introducing the character to general audiences like that after the character has gained popularity on Smallville, you think they would option for a movie of The Emerald Archer.

The second contender for a WB summer 2009 release is BILLY BATSON AND THE LEGEND
OF SHAZAM directed by Peter Segal and written by John August. This superhero has
been looked at with more interest in the last few months due of the success of
Iron Man.

I know that could be just the working title, but still I think it sucks, just call it Shazam.

While talking exclusively to Peter Segal this past weekend during his press
tour of Get Smart, the IESB learned that a few years back Segal had been
attached to Jonny Quest. But, what intrigued me the most was that Peter had
already read the most recent draft from Dan Mazeau and is quite up to date on
the project. To take it a step further, he agreed that the new script was
“quite good.” and we even talked about who would make a good Roger “Race” Bannon
(Jonny’s Body Guard), I threw in George Clooney’s name but Dwayne “The Rock”
Johnson was the actor that he likes for the Bannon role.

After the word of mouth of Speed Racer, critic and box office flop, Jonny Quest is starting to become mediocre.
So it seems to me Warners is in a pickle and their making more stupid desicions.