Guimero on Doctor Strange?

Empire Online is reporting that since there is no deal for Del Toro to direct The Hobbit, he tells the magazine that he expressed interest in taking on the task of bringing The Sorcerer Supreme to the big screen.

“I talked with Neil Gaiman [about writing it],” he tells us. “I said,
that’s an interesting character because you can definitely make him more in the
pulpy occult detective/magician mould and formula than was done in the Weird
Tales, for example…the idea of a character that really dabbles in the occult
in a way that’s not X-Filey, where the supernatural is taken for granted. That’s
interesting…But I wouldn’t use the suit!”

Comic book geeks will remember, of course, that Dr Strange
played quite an important role in Gaiman’s Elizabethan twist on the
Marvel universe, 1602, making him a good choice of screenwriter for
this. Of course, the Hellboy 2 director has a ton of projects on his dance
card before he can think about getting to this.

That sounds like an explosive creative mix, I would love to see Guimero direct a Doctor Strange film.