MK vs. SF Fan Fights

The first video game post I’ve made on the site, not about upcoming film adaptations, to which I’ll make a favorites list soon, I was surfing YouTube and a thought came back to me.

For years fans (including yours truly) have wanted to see a crossover between the two biggest fighting games in history, Mortal Kombat against Street Fighter.

And for years people have made fan art and little videos of the ultimate battle that will never be. I searched, hoping to find a fight between the two lead characters of their respected franchises.

Liu Kang vs. Ryu, created by OxBigly, also made other SF characters on MK: Armageddon with the Custom Fighter feature.

I was Geek Heaven watching these. To me that’s what the graphics on the crossover should be like, not live action meets anime together, which looks retarded.

And the biggest one of all, Shao Kahn vs. Bison.

Just wondering listeners/commenters, can you download one of those Marvel / DC Mugens to play on your computer? Aside from that (us fans being passionate) that we create these works, to which I say on to you is keep up the good work.