Sinestro Corps Review

Last night I finished reading #25 of Green Lantern, the finale of The Sinestro Corps story arc, and was a thrilling conculsion to this big event in comics? HELL YES!

As I’ve stated on the show, I’ve known of Green Lantern, Hal Jordon, Guy Gardner, the big events that happened in the universe, and from other media, notably from the DCAU, Kyle Rayner and John Stewart, but I’ve never read the current series.

When I heard about it, I wasn’t that enthousiastic about it until I read #20, when it delved into Star Stapphire, the violet representing love, and the mythology of the other powers sources of the universe, which I hope plays a larger role in this year’s series, leading up to next year’s event in 2009.
The art in the book was amazing, especially the splash pages and Sinestro was the best drawn character, a purple Adolf Hitler, Pure Evil, which was mentioned through sarcastic Gardner.
The collection of villians in their army was top notch, Amon Sir, Superboy Prime, Cyborg Superman, the Manhunters, The Anti-Monitier, and the best part in the last issue was a Predator, that’s right, there was a PREDATOR.

The best parts in the book were The Guardians kicking ass, Kyle Rayner being pocesessed by Parallax, Hal Jordan harnessing the rings of fear, Green and Yellow Lanterns getting killed left and right, the fist brawl between Kyle, Hal, and Sinestro.

I still want to read that issue where Batman wears the yellow ring.
This was a thrilling event, for a rating I’d give it a 8 out of 10.