Smallville "Blue" Review

Since Episode 7 is going to be our first movie review, here’s the write up to this week’s Smallville episode “Blue”.

Ential thought that it was good for what it was but could’ve been better.

On the positive side, Christopher Heyerdahl as Zor-El, he played the father to Kara, but truly the cosumed villian underneath very well and his dialouge was majestic.

Laura Vandervort pulls another good performance as the future Supergirl and Helen Slater owns as Lara.

Zor-El’s plan was not what we thought it was, but the allusions of “repopulate the planet” makes more proof that he was an ally to Zod’s global civil war.

Chloe was back as the supporting character to Lois and Clark in this episode.

Clark defining Jor-El, but he was finally called out on it. I wonder what the consquense will be.

Kara having amnesia, I don’t mind it, as long as they can clear that up before this short season comes to a close.

Onto the negetive side, it’s fine for Lara to meet Lana, but Lara being a physic?! What the hell was that?! That was out of left field, and the Clana scene at the end which shows you once again that the BDA – Big Dumb Alien is Lana’s bitch. The whole Gabriel/Lois thing doesn’t bother me but in it started to annoy me, especially by the eclipse scene.

But this was the sticking point, first time watching, I really felt that in the second half, the WGS started to take effect on the show, and with the short season I’m afraid that were not going to see everything that was promised with flying lessons, Vandal Savage returning, and more Martian Manhunter.

For a rating I give it an average 7 out 10.