Exclusive Interview: Arkham Asylum Creator, Jack C. Harris

We went to a local convention, Atomicon XI, we got to talk to author C.J. Henderson on monsters featured in one of his books on display “A Field Guide to Monsters”, The Phantom, and The Shadow, but the highlight for us was talking to past Batman writer, James C. Harris, who was featured in yesterday’s Page X, which you could find on AsburyPress.com.

Q: What it was like to be working on Batman?

A: (humorously) “Pretty much what every young writer what’s to work on when they enter the industry.”

He actually started writing Robin stories before moving to Richard Grayson’s mentor.

Q: Who was your favorite villain?

A: “Two-Face. While The Joker is a mystery, and that’s good, you still don’t know that much about him.”

He also enjoyed The Animated Series from the 90’s with their takes on the villain mentioned aswell as Mr. Freeze. He also agreed with me that Tommy Lee Jones could’ve played the role of Harvey Dent justice in Batman Forever, had it not been taken in the direction by Warner Bros. and Joel Schumacher to “lighten it up”.

He was there to promote Castle of the Bat, his favorite World’s Greatest Detective story. An Elseworld story where Bruce Wayne is Dr. Frankenstein along with The Dark Knight as The Monster, kind of like the opposite tale where he becomes a vampire in Crimson Mist.

We went into a long discussion about The Scarecrow and we informed him about what DC was doing in Detective Comics of bringing the physiology back to the character with using hypnosis on his victims.

He was uncredited for the invention of Cyborg’s real name Victor Stone, to which is also a Smallville fan, and a scene that was adapted from the Supergirl comics into the horrible Helen Slater film.

Aside from the majority of DC, he also worked on Spider-Man for awhile with a Black Cat story. Lastly, here’s a picture of me with on one of the most influential people aside from Denny O’Neil on the reinvention on one of the most popular icons we know today.