Smallville “Bizarro” Review

Since there’s no critique episode on the Season 7 premiere, here’s my write up. The second fight between Clark and Bizarro was good, but the highlight of the scene was The Clone’s voice being Clark’s in monotone to becoming really deep, and the first broken face effect when he stepped into the light (which I called it in an older post).

The effect of Clark vaporizing the giant wave with his Heat Vision full blast was awesome and the little Superman-ish nod to the kid was a nice ending touch to the teaser.

About the new opening credits, I knew Aaron Ashmore was going to be a regular cast member since Annette O’Toole left (so I was prepared for that). But was surprised by that Laura Vandervoort bit.

Rosenbaum delivered the line about his character seeing an “Angel” was very sociopath-ish. What a great way to introduce Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl. Wearing the white robes are compared to when the current Supergirl in the comics showed up in the Batman / Superman story that re-introduced the character. The cinematography in is episode was quite good made the premiere seem like a movie event.

However, the face effect throughout the episode didn’t really live up to the way it looked in the last shot of the finale or the teaser.

The Return of Martian Manhunter was good to see him and Kal-El team up. The bit where Lex sort of alleys with Changeling was, even through Lex turned over a new leaf which isn’t going to last long, speculates that since he’s going to be a recurring villain this season maybe when Lex is back to his dark ways, he’ll take up that offer to find out Clark’s secrets, and if it’s true that Dean Cain’s character Knox is actually Vandal Savage. So we might see a Rise of The Legion of Doom when Green Arrow comes back.

The effect of Bizarro energizing himself with the cases of Kryptonite in the lead room and the sounds of him screaming like a monster was empowering to watch. The last little fight between them was alright, Clark uppercutting him into the sky, flying out the atmosphere, pieces of his face coming off, and John Jones flying him out of the Earth’s orbit was exciting.

Lois was spot on. Still going on her one woman mission to expose Lex, the bit where Bizarro hitting on her, the humor throughout, especially when she forgives Clark for what Bizarro actually did had the best line.

“If you ever grab my ass again, I’ll be taking your head with me when I go.”

Again like I’ve said previously I didn’t care about Lana being in Shanghai wearing a dumb blonde wig, she could be a prostitute for all I give a sh*t. She’s gonna have another worthless storyline that has no resolve and ultimately doesn’t matter to her character. The whole Chloe is a Meteor-Freak story-arc is something I’m not looking forward to this season, but her banter with Clark was a redeeming quality.

The ending with Kara reflecting inwards on top of The Water-tower and flying off was a nice closing and very exciting for next week’s episode, where the cousins of Krypton meet face to face.

This premiere was really good, it doesn’t top last season’s premiere “Zod”, but this will probably on my list of favorite Smallville episodes.

Rating: 7